"Say something once, why say it again?"

-David byrne

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I have a Bachelors Degree in Creative Advertising at Michigan State University. For the past two years I have led the in-house advertising team for Mobsteel, and Detroit Steel wheel Co. As Creative Director, I generate our promotional content, cross promotional content, campaigns, art direction, copy, and manage Adam Genei. Adam is the owner of Mobsteel and Detroit Steel Wheel Co. and spokesperson for major companies like ACDelco and Axalta. My designs are sold in the Mobsteel headquarters showroom located at 2121 West Edsel Ford Fwy in Detroit, MI. I also produce, direct, and edit our videos featuring new builds and field trips to our partners facilities. 

So that's my "hire me" tone. Let's break down my personality:

I am very obsessed with movies, so much so that I can apply the "7 degrees of Kevin Bacon" to almost anyone that's appeared in cinema past the 50's. My brain is sort of like Bradley Coopers in Limitless when it comes to movie quotes. DC comics over Marvel, Marvel movies over DC (solely based on their terrible casting. Jesse Eisenberg is a wannabe Joker cast as Lex Luthor and...we will pick up on this later.)

Quirky things: I am an ex-athlete who performed dance routines in the goal box during soccer games. Somehow I became a state champion lacrosse player, and my fondest memories are from my study abroad experience in Europe, 2015 and trip to Dublin/ London this past year. I have gotten lost spiraling into the darkest corners of IMDB and faked a British accent whilst meeting Matthew Brodrick.

If you've looked through my work, you've seen where some of my interests lie. Contact me if you would like this conversation to continue.

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